Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.

I love all of the various holidays that are depicted on the cover of this 1955 Coutts Hallmark date book. This calendar was to be kept in the purse with all of the important dates recorded as a reminder for purchasing holiday cards, wrapping paper, and d├ęcor for holiday parties.

My love of holidays and celebrations started when I was a child. I have my father’s 1930’s "Pip and Squeak Annual". In it are wonderful depictions holiday parties. I also have a Dennison party book from 1927 that belonged to my mum (I am Canadian, I like the British spelling.) I loved to look at both of these books as a child.

Elementary school had a major influence with my love affair for all things to do with holidays, holiday parties, holiday cards, and anything on the calendar to do with a celebration of any sort.

Have a wonderful new year.