Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the U.S.

Thanksgiving has come and gone in Canada. I hope that all of my American friends have as wonderful a day with family and friends as we did.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Large Scale Advertising Props

The last time that we were in Switzerland visiting our son and daughter-in-law I photographed giant fibreglass display props that are used to advertise shops; here is a link to that blog post. I was on the hunt for more giant food this last August while we were visiting our son, daughter-in-law, and young grandson.

I suppose this wheel of cheese with a wedge cut out isn't exactly gigantic, the wheels of cheese are about this big. It is handmade of wood. I'd love to display it in our home; come to think of it I wouldn't mind owning any of these items.

This fibreglass ice cream cone was about 3' tall and securely attached to the outside of the building.

This fellow owned the ice cream shop, he looked quite at ease having his picture taken, or he may have been amused with me for photographing his ice cream cone prop.

 This large berry is about 24" tall. It was on the fence of a school yard in Goldach pointing in the direction of the apple orchard and berry patch.

Farther up the road was another berry urging you on to the orchard and luscious berries.

Keep going through the orchard and on to the berry patch.

Have a rest on this concrete berry stool if you need to.

Tucked in the garage, behind the car, is a gigantic berry. I don't know what it was used for; maybe it is an old homemade sales prop.

I couldn't resist this warning sign.

This may have been Rita, I don't know, it was pouring rain but I had to get a picture. It is quite a wonderful sales booth. "Erdbeeren" is the plural of strawberries but she had many other berries as well. Rita's berry stand was in a parking lot in Goldach, a couple of miles from the orchard and berry patch.

This giant cookie, I love it, was outside a bakery in Goldach.

This is the edible version that I photographed at a Migros store in St. Gallen. I never did buy one to try. I am certain that a bakery version would be much better than a prepackaged grocery store cookie.

The bakery that had the giant cookie at roadside in the parking lot had this huge loaf of bread on the shop roof.

Although these bottles are not giant props they were huge; that is a regular sized oak barrel. They were outside of a restaurant in Heiden.

A tobacconist in St. Gallen had this huge cigar in their store window.

We were heading back home to Canada and in a duty free shop in the Zurich airport was this giant camel. I had to stop and take a picture.

That is all of the items that I photographed on our last trip to Switzerland. Our next trip there I will scout out more of these giant advertising props.