Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jasper is at the EHAG Emporium

The EHAG Emporium doors have been flung wide open and here is my offering this month. Here is Jasper, a double sided portrait rattle. The front side of the rattle is "Jasper" and on the back is "Hanging out with the guys". SOLD.

I forgot to mention...

...the EHAG Emporium giveaway winner was Sylvia Smiser, of Annaboo Creations. Congratulations Sylvia, enjoy your booty!

Don't Forget the EHAG Emporium!

The doors are once again being flung open to the Emporium at 9 P.M. EST. For all of us on the West Coast that is 6 P.M. Pacific Time. There will be lots of wonderful things to peruse and snatch up, so don't miss it. See you there.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July EHAG Sneak Peek Update

If you haven't gone over to the EHAG Emporium yet and entered our contest for your chance to win three wonderful gifts from three very talented artists, well you should! All you have to do is tell us about your favourite childhood Halloween costume, it is that simple. The lucky winner will win all three of this months prizes.

I have finally finished my piece for the EHAG Emporium and this is all you are going to see for now until the final unveiling. Make certain to mark your calendar so that you don't miss the opening of the Emporium on July 31st at 9 P.M. EST.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July EHAG Emporium Sneak Peek

As you may have seen from previous sneak peeks I'm not very generous when it comes to letting you see a large amount of the new item. Other EHAG members are much more forthcoming. I like an air of mystery.

I did show you my work table surface in this post. Here is that picture again with a highlighted area.

The three items I have numbered -
1. a large jack-o-lantern face
2. two small jack-o-lanterns
3. and a branch (actually it is a root to be used as a branch)
will be used in my next Emporium piece. And that is all that I am saying for now.

Monday, July 19, 2010

EHAG Emporium Door Prizes

The Ehag Emporium is now opening its doors at the end of each month. I missed June's opening unfortunately. I hope to have something in this months Emporium offering. Just to build the anticipation, we have some wonderful door prizes.

Chris Klingler of Designs by CK is giving away this print...

Batty Hag ornament from Sheila Bentley...

An ornament and presentation box from Allen Cunningham...

One lucky winner will take home all three of these prizes! Click here to go to the EHAG Emporium Blog to find out how to enter the draw. The winner will be announced on July 30th, one day before the update. Click here to go there. I hope you win!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thank-you "B"

Amelia Schaefer of Sweet"B"Folkart loves to shop online! Her latest blog post is called "Home Shopping Network". She starts off her post with,

"So - I will admit it... I TOTALLY spend a big chunk of my online time "monitor shopping". One of my favorite places to stop is Len Bentham's "Happy Holidays Blog".

Well, that is so kind "B".

Trot on over to... I suppose you don't trot on the internet do you... just click on Sweet"B"Folkart and head on over to her blog. If you aren't following her blog do so, she does great work. I love her pie guys, and candy guys, and bonbon men and her circus games... just go and have a look.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Some Works in Progress

Just to let you know that I really am working in my studio and not off gallivanting around the countryside.

Here is a tray of items waiting to be painted and accessorized. Finding the perfect trims and accessories takes a little time, some items work but the scale is wrong, some items are correct but don't have that spark that brings the item to life. I like to pay attention to detail, I guess I am a perfectionist.

I thought that I would leave you guessing on this one. It isn't all there, just a few bits of it to tease you.

Lori Rudolph of RetroRudolphs did a post about her lack of space on her work table. I beat you Lori, I have less! You are so tidy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Late Thank-you.

This is a little late in posting and I do apologize. Debra Schoch of HopHopJingleBoo celebrated her birthday on June 9 with a 'Birthday Paper Giveaway' I had just celebrated my birthday and wished her all the best on her birthday not thinking that I would win one of her creations.

I did! This is her gift to me to celebrate her birthday. Thank-you Debra.

Now to do a little tap dance and redeem myself minimally; it arrived in the mail about a week and a half ago. Black Cat has been reminding me to put up a public post ever since it arrived.

"I am really busy!"

"Manners are manners."

I didn't want to mention that little something from the other day so I held my tongue. Ever since that conversation with Jack that B.C. overheard and decided... that is for another post.

This is what arrived in the mail! I was very surprised and delighted. Not only did she send the Cupcake Girl ornament but a bunch...

"Bunches are for bananas!"

"Black Cat I'm trying to write would you stop reading over my shoulder!"

Maybe I shouldn't have snapped at him, he can be a little bit of a busy body but he is a true friend.

As I was saying, Debra included with the cupcake girl ornament, and she is a cutie-pie, 5 miniature postcards, some interesting papers and 4 vintage can labels! Thank-you very much for the generosity. Do visit her blog here, say hello and become a follower if you aren't one already.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life is full of surprises!

You may or may not remember that I had mentioned that we had household chores that had to be done this summer to get ready for our guests that will be arriving. Today we have been washing the walls and ceiling in the bathroom. We have just about finished the sanding of the walls, there is the ceiling to do next. We then prime and paint, but not today.

Trish, my wife, went downstairs to get something from the laundry room and then yelled upstairs that the hot water tank is pouring water out and the drain is clogged!

The hot water tank is just around the corner on the right of this picture of the laundry room. The water was out past the crock when I came downstairs! We are going to finish the sanding but I don't know about showers! The hot water tank is still under warranty. It will be replaced tomorrow. Life is fun and full of surprises!

I have been working on pieces for the next Emporium and some items for the autumn but that is another post.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth Of July to my American friends!

We had a relaxing day on the 1st of July, Canada Day. The fireworks were absolutely marvellous as usual. Every year they get better and better. We watch the fireworks right where they set them off; about 200 feet away from the area where the mortars are. The explosions and the concussion from those explosions is almost immediate. Can you tell that I am a fireworks fanatic?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July. I will be watching the Seattle fireworks on television, it isn't the same at all but a fireworks show is a fireworks show.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Canada!

  Happy Canada Day everyone!  

We are not the Dominion of Canada any more and Little Miss Canada skipping ropes aren't popular either. Times change but a party is a party. Have a wonderful day with friends and family. We will be relaxing at home and then later on tonight it is off to the fireworks. Whahoo!!!