Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Blackberry Pie for Hallowe'en? EHAG Emporium.


Jake loves blackberries, plain and simple. Close to his home is a large field of wild blackberries. Once they start to ripen in the hot lazy days in August he is out first thing in the morning picking blackberries. The blackberries are frozen whole for pies, turned into jam, as well as used in his very popular blackberry liqueur.

Every Hallowe'en Jake brings a blackberry pie to the party, it has a splash of his blackberry liqueur in the filling.

"Who says Hallowe'en is just for pumpkin pie!", laughs Jake, "Have a slice of my blackberry pie. It's really very excellent, if I may say so myself."

"I've eaten more than one slice of his blackberry pie and to quote Jake, "It really is very excellent."

Full length front view of the rattle
 Jake, along with Rolly his parade lantern, come bearing the annual "Hallowe'en Pie", blackberry of course.

Full length back view of the rattle
 The back of the rattle is covered in black felt to protect the rattle, as well as any surface that you lay it on.

Close-up view of  Jake, Rolly, and the pie.
 This close-up view shows the lovely blackberry pie. The pie is made of composition in a small antique tart shell mould.

Left side view of the rattle
The blackberries are "Made in Japan" berry pips painted to look like ripe blackberries.

This mixed media sculpture is not a toy, be gentle with it when you want to hear the jingle of the bells.

"Portrait Rattle - Blackberry Pie for Hallowe'en?", is 13" long from the handle tip to the top of the rattle, 7 1/2 " wide, 5" deep.

It is signed, dated with the title, on the back.

The sculpture is $195.00 not including shipping, let me know where you live so that I can calculate the shipping charges. It arrives duty free into the US.

I'll carefully pack it to ensure that it arrives safely to your home to become a treasured part of your collection.

Please contact me at lenbenny@shaw.ca to purchase this sculpture. I accept Paypal as well as credit cards through Paypal.

Thanks for looking, check out the other artist's work as well, go to the EHAG emporium with this link.