Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Salvation Army treasures.

I  go to Salvation Army regularly and have been a fan of thrift shops since my teens. I didn't ever look at this as recycling but as a source for interesting art supplies that no one else was using. I realized several years ago that I recycle when I am creating a sculpture. I have a good selection of vintage and antique textiles, trims, and props that I can select from.

In the last few months I have found some great props and textiles for future sculptures. I have some ideas for stage magicians using my veggie guys that I am excited about creating. I was wanting a carpet to go on a stage underneath a levitating lady. It was a momentary thought, then not considered again. Two months ago there were these 4 carpets hanging in the textile section for $6.00.



I am quite picky when it comes to scale. I don't work in 1:12 scale or anything like that but the thickness of a cups wall should look right, the curve and bowl of a spoon should look and feel correct. I suppose some of what I am referring to is intuitive; I just don't want anything to be a distraction when someone is looking at a piece of my work. These carpets look like a real carpet on a small scale. They are tufted, the edges look the same as a large carpet, and the fringe ends are from the actual carpet when it was made not sewn on.

A few of the props that I have picked up lately. The circular stand with the lion feet will possibly be used to create the base of a large Victorian/Edwardian stage illusion.

I have several frames and trays with fancy pierced metal edges. These are cut apart and used for proscenium edges on stages. The necklace with the bangles hanging from it may be used as edging for curtains or as part of an "oriental" costume. The other necklaces and green buckle will be used for costuming.

Here is a sample of the fabrics that I have picked up. I buy silk vintage scarves whenever I find them. The silk has a nice drape to it and as I mentioned before the visual weight, I hope that makes sense, looks correct. I suppose what I am trying say is that if a piece of fabric was made into a costume and shrunk down to the correct size the thickness of the fabric would change as well. I think that I am being a little obsessive aren't I; not only with the fabric but the description as well! HAHAHA!!!!

I buy silk saris whenever I find them. They can be very colourful with some beautiful patterns. This red and gold sari reminded me of theatre curtains so we shall see how it gets used.

Have you noticed that I enjoy the exotic? At the turn of the last century and earlier for that matter Orientalism was very popular. The world is so much smaller now with easy communication that exotic is taken for granted. I am not trying to recreate exact countries and costumes but a theatrical idea of the exotic.

I picked up this lamp shade on Friday. It is a very unusual shape. I almost passed it by but decided to get it. My decision of possibly not buying it was based on storage space not actual use, fortunately practicality did not win out! It was in perfect shape but as you can see I have already started stripping it of the fabric.

I forgot to mention that one of the carpets that the lamp shade is resting on will be turned into a flying carpet. In the upper left hand corner of the photograph you can see a brown ceramic urn holding a silver salt cellar standing in front of a fancy turned wooden salt cellar, these will be turned into exotic oriental treasures that will be on the back of the flying carpet.

The lamp shade stripped and ready for use. I definitely like it better with the fabric taken off, so many possibilities.

I will keep in touch with the progress of the sculptures.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm back

I am back in the land of blog! I have been doing a MAJOR clean-up in my studio. You have no idea what a sorry state it was in. It is now much tidier, thank goodness.

That interspersed with figuring out what to do about a website and sales kept me busy. Last year my website crashed at my host including all of their backup files so I haven't had a website for quite a while now. I decided to consolidate various blogs and the website and anything else that seemed to be floating around into one area. My blog is now the home base for Happy Holidays; Etsy is my sales area.

I have been adding work to my Etsy shop and will continue to do so over the next month or so. Click this link or click the link underneath the blog header to visit my shop.

giant portrait rattle - "Lovey of Lovey's Tearoom"
This is a close-up a giant portrait rattle - "Lovey of Lovey's Tearoom". She is waiting to take her famous sweet potato pumpkin pie and hedgerow berry pie to a very discerning home!

"Edna came as a Paris runway model"

Edna loves Haute Couture and decided to go trick or treating as a Paris runway model. She created the hat herself; she is delightfully eccentric as well as a lot of fun.

The red and yellow "Victoria shoe" candy container

If you love shoes there are several shoe candy containers to select from. There are more that I will be posting in the near future.

I have been frequenting Salvation Army quite regularly so I will show you a few of my treasures in a few days, in the mean time enjoy looking around the shop.