Friday, August 31, 2018

On the way to the Jollity Fair...

Hello. Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my mixed media sculpture, "On the way to the Jollity Fair..."

Front view of "On the way to the Jollity Fair..."

Quentin, and his grandsons, Sparky and Cyril asked me to make this particular sculpture. The Jollity Fair is the highlight of the season for everyone living in and around Jollity Village. It signals to one and all that summer is almost over, as if they weren't aware of it already, and that the cool crisp autumn mornings and the crunch of colourful dry leaves under foot are on the way.

The guys wanted me to show them pointing at something in the distance, they didn't mention what it was.

I asked Sparky what it was that they were pointing at. "We were playing a silly game we had made up. We called it, on the way to the Jollity Fair, it went like this, "On the way to the Jollity Fair I saw a bear that wasn't there.", the last sentence had to rhyme. I was pointing at the bear that wasn't there. He went on in some detail telling me all about this game that they had invented along with all of the rules.

Quentin said that the fair was in the distance and they were looking at the morning sun on the clouds.

Cyril countered this with, "No, the three of us were pointing at something that caught our eye in the distance. He then took me by the hand and placed me in front of the three tiny figures with their fingers pointing at me. "There, that's perfect.", was his reply.

I looked at the three of them, there was the most sincere expression on each face with just the slightest of twinkle in their eyes.

Well, all of that aside, the top section of the sculpture shows Quentin and his grandsons Sparky and Cyril on their way to the Jollity Fair and the moment that they are looking at this "something" in the distance. The bottom section shows some of the stalls at the fair.

Here is a closer look at Quentin and his grandsons Sparky and Cyril. They are dressed in vintage fabrics, the blue patterned textiles are from 1940s mens scarves.

This close-up of the bottom section shows some of the stalls at the Jollity Fair. The kiosk on the left could have been a ticket booth or a puppet theatre, I forgot to ask. The stall beside it and the one farthest away are selling produce. The stall on the right is selling toys and souvenirs of the the fair, trumpets, balls, and balloons. Some of the balloons are tied to the chair back and others are tied to a stake just behind the chair.

This mixed media wall hung sculpture measures 18" high, 16" wide, and 4" deep. The back is covered with black felt to protect the wall from getting marked.

It will be signed and dated on the black felt backing.

"On the way to the Jollity Fair..." is $950.00 including shipping to continental U.S. and Canada. I will send it insured by Canada Post. It arrives duty free into the U.S.

It will be carefully packed so that it will arrive safely to your home to become a treasured part of your collection.

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