Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Book inspiration and some paper lanterns.

Last year I bought some books that I had been wanting for several years. I love children's books, and books with a lot of pictures.

One of those books was a picture book called "The Truth About Jack-O-Lanterns" published by Green Tiger Press. This book has been in print since 2006. They have also published  "The Truth About Easter Rabbits" and "The Truth About Snow-People", both of which I now own. The books are created using vintage and antique illustrations to show the likes, dislikes and the daily routine of each subject. There are one and sometimes two illustrations per page so it is a great inspiration source.

This image has been a source for quite a few ideas. It is the feeling of fun and childhood innocence that I find so inspiring as well as those paper lanterns.

Here is another page from the book. The bottom image is the one that is so intriguing, that garland is wonderful.

Years ago I borrowed a book from the library about Japanese crafts. In the book was a section on how the paper and cane lanterns were made, unfortunately I did not photocopy the directions. I have forgotten the name of the book and have tried to find it ever since. These small paper lanterns are made to look like a large size rice paper lantern. I am very pleased with them. They will be held by a large figure in the process of decorating for the costume ball.

I must get back to work. I will post items as I have time.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A mini update.

This is just a quick update about how things are progressing in the studio. I work on a whole lot of the same thing at one time, I think(?) it saves me time working this way. So when I am working on things that tend to be detailed not a lot seems to be getting done over a week or so, think making fingers, then hands, applying papier-mache, making toes, making feet, and finally applying papier-mache to the feet. It doesn't make for an exciting blog post.

Here is a photo of the way that I go about building the feet for my standing characters. Everything is wired together and then papier- mache placed over the wire armatures. The two wire prongs at the bottom of the feet will be glued into holes in the base that the figure stands on.

That is about all for now, I'll keep you updated as to goings on in and about the studio. I also haven't mentioned much at all about Black Cat and Jack for quite a while. Black Cat pointed this out to me the other day. Check these 4 links if you are not familiar with my two friends - link 1, link 2, link 3, and link 4.  I must get back to work.