Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'M BACK!!!!


It is great fun to slash out this old blog entry!

My computer has crashed!

I am on my wife's computer at the moment so that I can let you know that I am not certain when I will be back in the land of blog.

I will post a better blog entry than this one in the next few days to let you know what has been happening.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Studio Update July 2, 2011.

I know that I was going to keep everyone up to date with what is happening in the studio. Two weeks have gone by and nothing from this end.

I did start to work on a few of the heads, sanding and painting. I realized that working that way was going to take much longer than sanding the group that I am presently working on and then on to the painting. Sanding is not one of those steps that you can take pictures of that causes people to shout things like -




I decided to skip showing you that step. This is what I have been working on since the amazingly spectacular sanding sequence.

I have given the set of heads that I am presently working on a base coat. Wonderful colours like lemon yellow, tan, two different oranges, two different blue greens, and PINK! The base coats, as strange as some of them may seem, are used to influence to glazes that are applied later. The more opaque colours when dry brushed off or dry brushed on, patted off or on, take on or show some of the base coat. The resulting painted surface evolves with each step. I have no idea what it will finally look like but I do know that the resulting painted surface will have very subtle colouring to the finished surface. The character of each head comes to life as well, showing me what they should wear and what they are doing.

Off to work. I hope that it won't be another two weeks before I show you something!