Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter everyone!

Well, I have definitely been absent from my blog for a little while, I haven't posted since Saint Patrick's Day. In that post I mentioned that I had't put out the Saint Patrick's Day items for quite a few years, two weeks ago I realized why that was the case when my wife said that Easter was only two weeks away, it takes a while to unpack, display, and put away everything, plus I like a bit of a break between holiday displays.

Here is this year's Easter display. Compared to last year's display (here) this is minimal. I was going to put out my egg cups but with two large boxes, the ones that hold computer paper, I was overwhelmed and opted for a few that I had purchased this year along with what had been put out last year.

The images are quite large so enjoy perusing the photos.

The full view of this year's display. I decided to hang quite a few of my Easter baskets from the ceiling this year. The lowest hanging baskets have cardboard eggs in them.

 The baskets on the hearth are filled with cardboard eggs The one long basket on the right is holding a pink plastic egg tied with a green ribbon and a clear pink egg with silver glitter embedded in the plastic.

The rabbit tin and the pansy tin are British and would have had toffees in them. I think the small half egg tin is early. The large pink tin with the chicks may be English, I'm not certain because some of the address on the tin has been rubbed off.

I put a long strip of wood on some risers to hold some of the eggcups and assorted decorations on the mantle. I always put out the Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny salt and pepper shaker set, they are one of my favourite items.

A chocolate box with a very dapper rabbit wishing the recipient "Easter Greetings". On the mantle are a few  assorted goodies.

Hanging below that is a ceramic plaque from Israel that I purchased one Christmas, it was in a bag of assorted Christmas decorations. It depicts the moment when God is telling Abraham not to sacrifice his son but that He would provide the sacrifice, a ram caught in a thicket, that ram is a reference to Jesus, the Lamb of God. (God had asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, this was a test to see if he trusted God. Abraham kept telling his son that God would provide the sacrifice.)

More eggcups, eggs, and milliner's flowers.

At the far right of the mantle is a bag of some of the first plastic eggs in their plastic mesh bag, a Dresden Easter image of two gold bells and a chick in a Japanese basket, a pink 1960s bunny with chenille feet, paws, and ears, a glittered candy container of a top hat and cane toting chick, with a wooden rabbit in the background.

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