Monday, April 18, 2016

Moving, Making, and The 3 Ring Circus.


Once upon a time my studio looked like this. It did look like this only for a short time I'll admit. The studio now looks like a herd of wombats have used it as a mosh pit.

(A short soothing musical interlude plays while you read the following)


I'm moving my studio from the upstairs bedroom that I took over after our boys moved out down into the garage. The garage doesn't have a window but it's more than double the size of the old studio.

We are landscaping the backyard, it's been long overdue. We started working on it last Autumn and are finally getting to work on it again.

I'm making new stuff and finishing pieces that have been hanging around for a while.

Did you notice that making and finishing aren't in the centre ring, that isn't to say though that the spotlight doesn't shine on Ring 3 occasionally, just not as much as I'd like it to. I'm not complaining, all of this change is fun and exciting.

(end of musical interlude)


I've built a shadow box for this vintage Italian metal frame

and a shallower shadow box than the metal frame for this beautiful little oak frame that has a design of flowers and leaves embossed into the wood.

These leaves have been spray painted autumn colours.

They've been turned into a tree that will be used to frame the outside of the shadow box.

Last August I had a blog post showing how I build trees. I mentioned how the branches are painted as I build the tree, well not this time! I got so involved with the process of making them that I didn't think about painting them. As it turned out I am glad that I didn't paint them, I want the brown of the tree limbs to stand out from the frame but also to work with the rest of the sculpture. So far there is a lot of brown with the leaves and the frame. Even though the leaves are reds, yellows, and browns they read as assorted browns. The tree limbs will be painted and added close to the finishing of the sculpture.

Once painted they'll be bent into more realistic shapes not at all like they look at the moment.

These maple leaves have been painted

and now look more realistic.

Orange and red pips to be turned into another tree or vine, I'm not certain which, we'll see what happens. It'll be interesting to see if I use it now or later in another sculpture.

That's all of the news from Lenny's 3 Ring Circus at the moment; bye for now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

And now for my studio update...

Last year my intentions were to finish sculptures that had been started but put aside for some reason or other. I want to complete those unfinished sculptures as well as work on some new pieces.

The last six months, waiting for surgery and then recuperating, is all in the past, HOORAY! Working in my studio is so much fun!

Last Spring I mentioned my GRAND INTENTIONS in this blog post. This sculpture was put aside until early September, to be completed by late October or early November. That was the plan, but we all know what happened in early September. I want to finish this sculpture!

These great metal frames...

have been turned into shadow boxes.

One frame, mentioned in this post, will have the fireworks, pictured below, attached to the outside. A bust portrait of the founder of the "Oh My Stars Fireworks Manufacturing Company" will be in the interior.

This blog post showed the making of the massive amount of fireworks for the shadow box. I'm looking forward to finishing this piece.

This metal lamp base was going to be turned into...

 a tufted bench somewhat like this settee, it didn't come to pass as you can read here. I want to revisit that bench and create the prop that is still sitting in my mind.

These amazingly detailed small carpets are waiting to be used; one will be turned into a flying carpet. Have a look at the original blog post here to get a better look at the size of the carpets.

In this blog post I mention the carpets and also that I was collecting items for the flying carpet. I have been collecting "treasures" to go on the flying carpet over the last few years and finally I have enough to choose from. I am very particular about size and detail in the items that I purchase which means the treasures take a while to come together.

I have kept these small cakes to use in a sculpture and that is all that I want to say about them as it is still percolating in the brain. They were originally used in a Christmas display along with some very over the top Christmas presents that have since been dismantled, I can't keep all of the props or I would need a warehouse! Check out the post about those presents and cakes here.

So, there we have it, good intentions that will finally be finished.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter to you!


Have a great Easter everyone with family, friends, and food; enjoy all of those Easter treats.

The postcard pictured above is from a blog post that I called, "Grab Your Easter Bonnet Poopsie Or We'll Be Late For Church!" Enjoy the post as well as these posts showing more of my Easter postcards here, here, here, and here.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

I have to share this TED Talk by Tim Urban.

We are cleaning up our back yard getting ready for an Easter egg hunt next Saturday. My studio update is fitting into the "Spring Cleaning Schedule". In the meantime enjoy this TED Talk that my wife emailed to me. She knows me so well.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


(I will have a studio update shortly.)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A somewhat late...


I had my surgery last Friday, February 5, and I have to take it easy. I am not supposed to lift anything over 10 lbs. but the nurse said nothing over 5 lbs. because no one realizes how light 10 lbs. is, excellent point.

Well, I do know that the boxes of Valentine's decorations are definitely over 10 lbs. each so they are sitting stored away unopened this year. Go to this link to see last year's decorations.

 As I said at the end of last year's post...

If you don't have a "Sweety" of your own at the moment do something loving for someone else, it will change how you feel about Valentine's Day!
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