Friday, November 21, 2014

"Sunshine ABC", an early cloth book for baby.

I bought this cloth book for baby when I was in my first year at art school, that was many years ago. The book came out at Christmas and was meant as a gift book. The back cover illustration is the only Christmas image in this little cloth book.

I'm not sure if the illustrations are chromolithographs or not but the colours are so rich.

I have just added five Christmas items in my Etsy shop, this little Snowlady is one of them. Go to my Etsy shop to buy her and any of the other items that take your fancy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Some small accessories for a new sculpture that I am working on.

Last year, May 24, 2013 to be precise, I mentioned the clock case pictured below in this blog post. I started work on this sculpture and then it was put aside while I redid my blog, cleaned my studio and then various other jobs came up that pushed this sculpture aside. There was also a vacation in Switzerland to see our oldest son, his delightful wife and their new baby. You can check my posts about our trip here, here, here, and here.

I am working on the sculpture again. Ideas have jelled and I am off to the races.

I have been making bare branches from wire, vintage flower stamens and tissue paper; they will be painted next. Icicles have been made to be attached to the wooden base. The bottle brush trees will be heavily painted and not resemble their present state.

A robin's egg blue ceramic teapot and a pink ceramic creamer will/might be used; we will see if they work or not. There will be paper party hats for certain; what is a party without paper hats!

Food...there will be food and lots of it. There are cupcakes and sugared cookies and French macarons and so much more. The cakes, cookies, and macarons will be wired and glued in place. Those cookies and macarons are about half an across.

Among the dainties to be consumed are sugared grapes. Candle rings seem to be a thing of the past or at least in Victoria they are. I bought a stack of these years ago; I don't find these very often any more. The candle rings were taken apart and the frosted grapes were turned into bunches of sugared grapes. That took a while.

Here is the cake stand made from vintage cocktail coasters mentioned in last years blog post filled some of the goodies for the party to give you an idea of what it will look like.

Did I mention snowmen, come to think of it I didn't, the snowmen will look similar to the snowmen below.

This large sculpture called "The view from the rim of the 20th century snowbowl was spectacular" is available in my Etsy shop.

I didn't mention paper lanterns or a snow scene did I, I guess I just did.

Friday, November 14, 2014

"The Christmas Book for Girls and Boys" - Tommy's Tree

Well, kiddies here is another instalment from "The Christmas Book for Girls and Boys".

Tommy didn't any treasures like this Santa marotte on his tree but you can. When you gently shake him he chimes. He is in my Etsy shop, click here to buy him.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"The Christmas Book for Girls and Boys"

Well, the Hallowe'en decorations have finally been taken down and stowed away for another year. I will be putting up our Christmas decorations at the end of the month. To be honest we are enjoying the visual rest after Hallowe'en. Christmas is mega at our house, you can see past years decorations here, here, here, here, here, and here. There are always the vintage paper garlands on the ceiling.

The title page for "The Christmas Book for Girls and Boys" states that it was published by Birn Brothers, Ltd., London and was designed and printed in England. There is no publishing date in the book but it looks to be from the 1950s.

I love the illustrations in it. I will post stories from it up until Christmas along with lot of other items from my Christmas collection as well as sculptures that I am working on. Enjoy the small sample of the book that I have scanned for you, there is more to come.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

This years Thanksgiving display

Here is my Thanksgiving display as promised. I didn't have very much time to put it up this year so it is a bare bones display. Trish said that next year it should go up mid September so that we can enjoy it longer; I agree.

I take a very broad approach to Thanksgiving collectables. We do not get the wonderful turkey candy containers and the other old items here in Victoria. Thanksgiving is a celebration of the bounty of the harvest and thanking God for His provision so I include farm related items, squirrels because I like them, autumn leaves, antique and vintage jugs and bowls in seasonal colours, old stools for risers, nuts such as acorns and walnuts.

My display for Thanksgiving harkens back to an earlier time of working on the farm and working in the kitchen. It is a backdrop to remind us that times haven't changed at all, the process to harvest may be different but it is still harvesting the food and preparing it in the kitchen.

Most of these items were bought 10 to 15 years ago. I don't see much of the old stuff at the Sally Ann any more. Enjoy having a look at this bare bones display... next year will be bigger and better!

 I enjoy this view from the armchair.

Friday, November 7, 2014

My Hallowe'en display for 2014

Hallowe'en is over and so is Thanksgiving in Canada so I thought that I would show you my Hallowe'en display first and then a little later my Thanksgiving display.

The Hallowe'en display was more elaborate than the Thanksgiving display; isn't it amazing what can be accomplished with a little more time.

This year I decided to put out the masks, costumes, blow moulds along with my favourite pieces that tend to always go on display. We have a limited amount of space to display the Hallowe'en collection so it is a matter of pick and choose. There was no room for any of my paper pieces so hopefully next year I will focus on those items.

Enjoy browsing through the photos.

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