Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Joys of Astroturf

I love “Astroturf”! I don’t like it on the floor where it is supposed to be used. I would love to use it as an accent wall.

About three years ago I bought two metal trays at the Salvation Army. I stripped them, painted them white and then made a paper template and cut out some “Astroturf” about ½” larger than the area of the tray to be covered. I then turned the “grass” over and hot glued the edge, folded it over neatly on itself. This gave it a neat edge and also stops it from fraying. Here are some pictures of the trays. It is like having a tiny picnic in your living room. They even look great outside.

I have also used it on the dining room table. I put it on diagonally, with two of the points hanging over the long side of the table and the other two pointing to the ends of the table. I did the same for the edge to stop the fraying. I use this mat in my booth at shows and at home. My work looks great on it.

Who says it looks tacky! I love it. Actually when I was in a wholesale show with other crafts people they wouldn’t let me use it! I laughed. I didn’t use it. I do love the good fake grass, the stuff that is dense, not the cheaper quality ones.

I may even use as it to cover some lamp shades, we’ll see.

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