Sunday, August 3, 2008

Giant fiberglass food

I love the giant fibreglass food that is used in Switzerland to advertise a restaurant or bakery.

The giant ice cream cone was photographed in Bern, Switzerland, it stands almost 6 feet tall! It would be great as a sculpture in our home.

I photographed this giant sausage in Thun, Switzerland, it stands almost 5 feet tall.

This giant croissant was photographed in Interlaken Switzerland, it stands almost 5 feet tall. These sculptures are made commercially. My son mentioned when I was taking the photos that it was like someone photographing McDonalds over here. The fibreglass items in North America are generally cartooned and meant to be "fun" mascots for a fast food chain. These European items are mostly realistic representations of food. I did see a wonderful baker made out various types of bread and pretzels. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it or the giant sandwich made in a roll complete with meat, lettuce, and tomatoes. Oh well next time.

The beer jug is at least 8' high and was photographed outside of a restaurant in Grub, Switzerland. It was probably made specifically for the restaurant. It isn't made from a mould and therefore is a little rougher in its finished look.

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