Friday, November 7, 2008

Life Happens

My intentions for October were to do a number of postings leading up to Hallowe’en but that was not to be. About 6 weeks ago something happened to my back and I have been icing it and popping ibuprofen only if necessary. Between going to the doctor, the chiropractor and getting x-rays (all is fine) I have managed to get a few new items completed. I didn’t even decorate for Hallowe'en this year. Oh well, life goes on and I am doing great.

It has come to my attention recently about a wonderful autumn fair that has had a long and glorious past, known as the "J-O-Lity Fair". Their is also the "J-O-Lity Fair Masked Ball" that is held on the last evening of the fair.

A limited number of souvenirs from the fair have been coming to light. There are also rumours of souvenir masks. Vignettes of a number of the vendors attending this event and participants at the masked ball are surfacing.

Here are three souvenir Fan/Rattles that have been discovered. Only one of each design is available. Click here to go to Happy Holidays for the information.

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