Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Little Tour of My Brain, Part 16 - Children's Easter Cards

This little chick's basket folds into place under her arm to give this card a three dimensional effect. The back of the card says "To Dids From Nana and Grampa XX April 13/41."

The bath tub on this card is separate and tabs at either end of the bath tub slide into slots on the card. This card is to Dids from Mummy April 13/41.

This little rabbit certainly has a mischievous look and maybe that is why Auntie Leen and Uncle Alex sent it to Robert.

This 1950's card is really sweet. It is written on the inside "Love from The Easter Bunny".

Unused, this card is the size of the small Valentines cards that were exchanged between classmates.

Another of the small Easter cards depicts a baby chick surprising this lamb as he is about to paint eggs for Easter.

Number three of the small cards shows a small duck admiring her Easter bonnet.

Four baby chicks and two more decorated eggs to go; this mother hen looks a little flustered. Number four of the small Easter cards.

The fifth and final small card features none other than the big boy himself , "The Easter Bunny", painting eggs for Easter morning.

A lamb, two chicks, and a wreath of violets, all of the colours and animals of a Spring morning at Easter.

The colours on this card are vivid and the design is strong and simple, I love it.

The card pivots open to reveal the Easter chick inside and the message "Happy Easter".

A postcard style Easter card, the envelope is long gone. Like the previous card the colours are vivid with geometric designs. All of the colours are outlined in gold. I like this one very much as well.

Open the lid of the round box that the chick is looking at and inside is this little fellow to wish you a "Happy Easter".

I have opened this hand silk screened parchment paper Easter card to show how the design flows from the outside on into the inside. The colours and design are quite delightful. It is marked "Made in USA" on the back. Unfortunately the envelope that was with it and now long gone has stained the front and back.

Another silk screened parchment paper card. This is an accordion fold card showing two children planting and tending a garden. In the last picture they are gathering a basket of tulips. This silk screened accordion fold card was printed in the USA as well.

A boy and girl bring home a very large Easter egg, carry it into the house, place it on the kitchen table, and it cracks open to reveal a duck and three chicks! The two accordion fold cards are designed to be read the same way as a comic strip in a newspaper or opened as a normal card with the story revealing itself in book format. All of the silk screened parchment paper cards appear to be done by the same unknown company.

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