Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Late Thank-you.

This is a little late in posting and I do apologize. Debra Schoch of HopHopJingleBoo celebrated her birthday on June 9 with a 'Birthday Paper Giveaway' I had just celebrated my birthday and wished her all the best on her birthday not thinking that I would win one of her creations.

I did! This is her gift to me to celebrate her birthday. Thank-you Debra.

Now to do a little tap dance and redeem myself minimally; it arrived in the mail about a week and a half ago. Black Cat has been reminding me to put up a public post ever since it arrived.

"I am really busy!"

"Manners are manners."

I didn't want to mention that little something from the other day so I held my tongue. Ever since that conversation with Jack that B.C. overheard and decided... that is for another post.

This is what arrived in the mail! I was very surprised and delighted. Not only did she send the Cupcake Girl ornament but a bunch...

"Bunches are for bananas!"

"Black Cat I'm trying to write would you stop reading over my shoulder!"

Maybe I shouldn't have snapped at him, he can be a little bit of a busy body but he is a true friend.

As I was saying, Debra included with the cupcake girl ornament, and she is a cutie-pie, 5 miniature postcards, some interesting papers and 4 vintage can labels! Thank-you very much for the generosity. Do visit her blog here, say hello and become a follower if you aren't one already.

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