Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy (American) Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada on the second Monday in October and the U.S. celebrates it on the third Thursday in November. Here are a group of Thanksgiving postcards that were specifically meant for the American market.

This turkey's tail becomes the frame for a painting of the landing of the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.

A cute Pilgrim boy and girl carry baskets laden with the bounty of field and garden.

Nothing symbolizes Thanksgiving more than a pilgrim boy and a turkey.

The turkey on this postcard is surrounded by God's bounty that also includes bananas and watermelon.

A turkey, apples, plums, corn, a chrysanthemum all symbols of the harvest.

This card shows the tom turkey with his mate surrounded by more seasonal produce.

I love the liberties that designers take. This turkey is perched on the bunting without the least bit of sag in the fabric.

Another image of the turkey in a field surrounded by seasonal produce. A pineapple, the symbol for hospitality is also pictured with the produce.

A very straight forward patriotic Thanksgiving postcard, just a turkey and the flag.

I love the panoramic autumn view of the farm with the corn standing in field. All of this is viewed from beneath a tree in beautiful autumn foliage.

The image on these two postcards is the same. The old image at the top has been reworked and updated to produce the more modern version below.

 Happy Thanksgiving 
 to all of my American friends. 
 Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. 

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Jeanne said...

Thank you! Those are a lovely group of postcards.... Thanx for sharing them with us! :0)