Thursday, February 24, 2011

We have snow!

I thought that I had better do a post just so that no one thought that I was lying comatose on the ground sucking jujubes with my hands twitching at my sides full of licorice ropes, toffees, and chocolate covered coffee beans.

There was only supposed to be about 3" or 4" of snow yesterday...

...but we ended up with over 30cm/12"! There was supposed to be another 25cm/10" coming last night but it didn't arrive. It is supposed to snow today so we shall see. Tomorrow I believe it is all to turn to rain and start to disappear.

(I spray painted four columns for a party last year and liked them in the garden so much that I left them there. There used to be a tall bright yellow column beside the watermelon pink column - top picture - but it is now in the Spring window display at Hillside Shopping Centre.)

I will do an update tomorrow about some of the things that are going on in the studio.


Unknown said...

Snow... prettier in your pic than it is here Len.

Looking forward to tomorrow's post :)

Len said...

New fallen snow is always prettier.