Saturday, June 4, 2011

I have been making lady's fingers...

As well as men's fingers and children's fingers.

I make each individual finger and toe for the figures. It is time consuming but well worth it for the finished piece.

Most of my time has been spent casting heads to be used for candy containers and figures. Some of them will be further altered by carving, sanding and building up the features. The painting and positioning the tilt of the head is what brings the face and figure to life.

I have a bunch of branches that had I produced a while back that will be used for some figures. They will also be used to create a Hallowe'en tree to display the candy container ornaments at Hallowe'en and Vine.

This is just a very quick update about the goings on around here.

I was going to post it sooner but my grandson, Ethan Charles Long arrived and totally upstaged everything that was happening around here. I love you Ethan!

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Sylvia Smiser said...

CONGRATULATIONS LEN!!!!! Your new grandson is beautiful! What a wonderful blessing!!!
: )