Saturday, August 11, 2012

Really Scary Costumes - part 2

A few years ago year Black Cat dressed up as bush.

He managed to frighten the Byrd brothers when they decided to check out the nest. They have stopped being a bit of a nuisance in BC's life. I am not so sure that it's a one way street when it comes to the "being a bit of a nuisance" though. Jack is nodding his head at the moment in agreement. 

Black Cat and Jack put the finishing touches on BC's costume a few days ago. This costume was Black Cat's idea, I think that it is quite amazing. Jack managed to make the cage. I am not certain where all of the feathers came from but they very quickly informed me that no birds were harmed in making this costume.

The two of them were laughing at the part that covers Black Cat's head, Jack said that it looks like a bad comb-over.

The shoes that cover his feet look pretty impressive.

I asked the two of them why they thought that it was a really scary costume and Black Cat was a little too excited when he mentioned that when the birds come to visit the great big bird in the cage he'd say something very cattish to give them a scare. I'm not sure what something very cattish is but BC said that it would be VERY scary to a bird.

Well I had better get back to work, I'll try and post a little more often but don't hold your breath!

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