Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Bells - a Christmas gift book

Unfortunately the title page has been torn out of this book, it may have had the date but may also have had an inscription on it. Without the penned sentiments of who it was for and from whom this was given it has become just another  "old book".

When I was going through this book looking at the images to scan, in the very back of the book I found that it has been redeemed; its humanity restored so to speak, a short list with prices in pounds has been written in fountain pen. This book is no longer just another "old book".

Enough of the purple prose for now, have a look at the book.

There are six colour illustrations including the one on the cover. The cover illustration has been glued in place.

Scattered throughout the book are great little ink sketches printed in green.

I am off this morning to do some shopping and then back home to continue decorating, have fun everyone.

Remember, don't moan and groan about how busy you are...


I love this time of year!
Have fun today!

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