Saturday, May 10, 2008

Website update

My apologies for not posting anything for about a month, things have been somewhat hectic around here. Our daughter was out visiting us from Toronto for just over 3 weeks.

The website is progressing well, I just have to photograph some new items. My wife and I stopped doing any work around the house a little while ago for a few weeks in order to redo our laundry room. Our work stoppage also included the website.

We stripped off the old linoleum and I put down black and white vinyl tile. We painted all of the walls white except for the first wall that you see when you walk in as well as the wall behind the door. Those two walls are painted a very deep raspberry red, it looks like a normal red, but is actually a red the colour of red currant blossoms. It also matches the colour of a vintage plastic kitchen clock that is in our “Bird’s custard” yellow kitchen.

Here is a peek at our wonderful laundry room just after we had finished doing the work. 

Oh, and yes in about a week, all things going well, the new site will be up and running.

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