Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Holidays School of Napkin Folding - Courtesy of Mrs. Beeton’s Household Management - Day 1

When I was looking through “Mrs. Beeton’s Household Management” for the colour illustrations of the “Fancy Cakes” I came across these fourteen napkin folds and thought that at some point it would be fun to let people know how to do these old napkin folds. While I was at the grocery store the other day I came across a book called “Napkin Origami”, it was not a great book. The cover picture was the best example. So here are the fourteen different napkin folds that Mrs. Beeton instructed her devotees to use. I will post a new scanned page each day until they are done. Try them they are fun to do.

Don’t just use them for the table but try using the folded napkin as the gift-wrap or use it as part of the gift if you are giving wineglasses. Go ahead and copy the instructions to include with the gift if you want.

I didn’t realize but these napkin folds got me interested in origami, the art of Japanese paper folding.

Here is the first fold the "Fleur de Lis Varieties".

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