Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Holidays School of Napkin Folding – Day 3

Day three of the napkin folding classes is here. I hope everyone is seeing the possibilities for these folds. They do take time so if you are hosting a big event enlist some friends that have nimble fingers. Don't just use them for company you are worth the little extras in life. Some times breakfast in bed with your significant other is just a little more special (and thoughtful) when some time and attention are put into a silly little “frill” such as this and you can also put a little gift in some of these folds. This isn’t just for the ladies either. Guys spend a little time on presentation of a breakfast in bed to let your wife know that you really do understand and appreciate all of the work that she does for the family in and out of the home. Here’s the next napkin fold to try. This fold is called “The Boars Head”, have fun.

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