Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Best of Intentions

I have been meaning to put up a new post for a little while now. The best of intentions don’t amount to much, do they?

I am sculpting a new group of Hallowe’en ornaments. These will then be made into moulds and cast in composition. Each ornament cast from the same mould will be unique as to colouration and any added accessories.

I am also getting the decorations ready for a baby shower. We will be Grandparents!

Here is a sample of some of the vases that I will be putting crepe paper flowers in for decoration on the food table and else where in the room. The vase in the centre is 19 cm. tall or about 7 1/2" tall. The mother hens on either side of the giraffe are not vases but milk jugs.

This group of vases I think are from the 1940's. The blue lamb is 18 cm. tall or about 7" tall. The stork is poised at the back of a cradle.

This set of three vases are from the 1960's. The centre vase 13 1/2 cm. tall or about 5 1/2" tall.

The first two vases are 1960's and the baby carriage is probably 1950's. The carriage is 11 cm. tall or about 4 1/2" tall.

A few years ago I made props for parties for a wonderful client. She was a joy to work for. This is a giant stork container that I produced for one of her baby showers,it stands about 8 feet tall. The wing is hinged and lifts up to reveal 5” cabbage candy containers. I made 80 cabbages and had to put some of them at the feet of the stork. Each cabbage was filled with hand made chocolates. There were many other items that went on the food tables and around her home, but this was my favourite piece from the shower.

Last Friday and Saturday I was getting ready to sell at a flea market on Sunday. I am paring down some of my collectibles. Most of my salt and pepper collection and my ash tray collection went. I kept anything that I especially liked or went with any of the holiday collections. I don’t smoke but the old “Made in Japan” ashtrays are colourful and very well sculpted.

I have kept these two ashtrays. The clown has always been a favourite of mine but that owl has personality as well.

Well I had best be off. Have fun.

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