Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am what I said I did not prefer.

Oh I love these cryptic headings that I put up occasionally!

DellaRae had left a comment on my last blog posting "Everything looks beautiful. You have what I like a traditional designer trees for me." I responded with "I agree totally. Designer trees are beautiful but they seem so cold. I did my share of tree decorating in department store Christmas departments and loved it! I was responsible for all of the trees. Our home tree(s) are my favourites though." That got me thinking about the mantle displays that I did for department stores; so I looked to see what pictures I had if any. I like my designer trees and if I didn't have all of the vintage and antique Christmas decorations I would do this style of decorating!

 Oh Len how fickle you are. 

This first display I called the "Midnight Mantle". All of the mantles are free standing so I used two curtains hung from the ceiling to create a back wall above the mantle. I would like to do this above our mantle some day. The tree is a prelit tree for the front porch. The branches at the back of the tree were bent to the right and the left so that it could fit on the mantle. Approximately 12 floral picks were stuck into the branches to fill it out. Metal stars in three different colours were added to finish the tree.

A prelit garland with snow on it was positioned on the mantle and two vases that pick up the colours of the metal stars are laid on their sides. Wired ribbon is then looped over and around the garland, vases, and tree base.

On the "back wall" is hung a very large clock with its hands at midnight on Christmas Eve, the exact time when Santa arrives and all things magical occur.

This mantle display began with the idea of a very small tree and very big ornaments. I used a very cheap Christmas tree about 18" tall that came with glass ornaments to use on the tree. It is standing in a glass vase almost as tall as the tree. The vase is weighted so that the whole affair doesn't crash to the floor. Floral picks comprised of various citrus fruit and assorted greenery are placed in the tree to fill it out. No other decorations are used on the tree. I treated this tree more as a floral arrangement.

An evergreen garland with cones and dusted with snow is arranged on the mantle. The four plastic ornaments are arranged on the mantle with shredded red paper placed under each ornament. Shear red wired ribbon hangs in behind the tree and the ends spill into the garland.

 Well, there you go I am what I said I did not prefer and I'm happy with that!

By the way the boys are back. Both Black Cat and Jack were off visiting friends so things have been quiet around here. We are expecting visitors some time in the next while. Black Cat has referred to them as foul weather friends because they don't like the warm weather. They will be here at some point and I will introduce them to you.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Len...
Everything looks oh so festive. I love the way you did the tree on the mantel. What a wonderful idea, adding a few extra picks to fill in.

I am so lovin it. The fruit mixed amongst everything on the mantel looks so fresh and inviting. I do so love it.

Thanks for sharing sweetie. Stop by and say hi. I so love to have company stop by.

Country hugs, Sherry

Len said...

Thank - you for the compliments. Yes I will stop by, Len.

my tiny studio said...

everything looks good Len, I can't wait till X-mas :)


Len said...

Rafael, what are you doing up so late? That post was 12:17 AM! Thank-you for the compliment. I am not certain what will happen this Christmas. Our daughter is getting married on December 12 so all of the decorating will be done after the wedding. It might be simple this year who knows.