Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Mantle Display for 2009

This is about all of the decorating that I did for Christmas this year other than the hallway entrance that you have already seen. My wife reminded me that most people decorate in a few hours not days! She is right, I suppose I am a little (?) obsessive with decorating. Mike our middle child and the only one left living in Victoria put up the lanterns and garlands. He didn't think that I was going to put them up. I was going to but I am very happy that he did that for me. He said that it won't seem like Christmas if they don't go up, I agree!

For those of you interested in a closer look at the images just click on them. Some of them are very large this time so that you can peruse them easier.

We had spent a lot of money for the wedding so this year we decided not to buy a real tree. I missed the smell of the fir tree in the house. The feather trees that are usually put in other areas around the house, this year are grouped close to the mantle creating a grove of feather trees.

The mantle was a complete departure this year and I am very pleased with it. There is a group of items that I have put there for some time but this year to save time I featured a portion of the tinsel garlands and all of the beaded glass spikes. The tinsel garlands are put into milk glass vases and left to cascade over the edge. The tinsel also gave me a bit of a foundation for holding the glass spikes in place. Tucked in this glittery landscape along the front of the mantle are Santas. All of these items are vintage or antique. All of this was placed in front of faux broad leaved branches and then mini lights are carefully placed over, under, and around the vases and Santas.

Here is a better and much larger image of my grove of feather trees. I chose a sample of various ornaments to put on the trees. I think that all of the celluloid is up, a sample of the chenille santas are up, and most of the cotton batting birds, fruit and bells are up.

This year I used some items that are not Christmas decorations but the colours are completely in keeping with the holiday mood. During the summer I purchased a Moroccan star lamp ( probably made in China!) with some birthday money. I tucked in a strand of 20 mini Christmas lights to great effect. In front of the star is a green ceramic planter with two green parakeets facing each other on the rim of the pot, it is probably from the 1920's. The colours of the glazes used on it are very rich and vibrant. It is resting on strands of 1940's (or earlier) rice fibre roping. Tucked inside are a vintage Christmas hanky two tiny chenille trees with imitation candles and a pine cone Santa. The star and the planter turned out to look very Christmassy indeed.

I must get to work. Alphonse and Jerome are still here staying in the colder part of the house. Alphonse loved the marotte and agrees that it does look just like him. Black Cat has teased him about being vain but that hasn't bothered Alphonse he just puts an icy finger on Black Cat's tummy when he is fast asleep. Despite the tomfoolery everyone is doing well.

Jerome has asked that I would finish the pond tray. We have talked about it as to whether he should be sitting putting on his skates or actually skating. Several other ideas have been suggested amidst gales of laughter but we will see what happens in the studio.


Unknown said...

OMG Len, the trees are glorious!!! I am drooling over all the displays and niches too.

Did you make that large feather tree? I bet you did! LOVE IT ALL!!!


Len said...

Thank-you for the compliments.

Yes, I did make the large feather tree. I am very talented and humble to boot! :)

I don't have a source for green feathers, so I can't make any more trees.

Maybe I should do a post on how I made the trees, hmmm.