Monday, January 11, 2010

A Little Tour of My Brain, Part 13 - Party Hats and Noise Makers

I love vintage party hats and noisemakers. The hat styles are way more elaborate than the modern versions and vintage noisemakers are equally more beautiful than most modern styles available and to top it off they are not plastic. Don't get me wrong I like the bright coloured plastic that is available today, there will be a blog post about modern plastic items. Back to the noisemakers, the graphics on the old items are so beautiful whether they are printed on paper or metal. This image is from the "Children's Party Book". The crown would possibly be made from card and the rest of the hats from crepe-papier.

This birthday party is pictured in a 1938 paper cookbook called "How to make Rennet Custards and Ice Cream" put out by Junket brand rennet that was available in tablets for making custards, as a pre-sweetened powder for custards or as a mix for making ice cream. These party hats were most likely crepe-papier.

I do not know why but I have always had a fascination with party paraphernalia. The two books as a child that I would look at when I could were my dad's 1930 "Pip and Squeak Annual" and my mum's "Dennison Party Book" from 1928, both of which I now own are most likely why I love it so much.

There is something about the bright colours and the drama that is created when a room is decorated; it takes us out of the everyday into a fairyland of fun.

Party Hats, noisemakers, and decorations are pure escapism. It is all about fun! Most of these hats, including the swan, would be made from crepe-papier. These last three images are all from the British 1930 "Pip and Squeak Annual".

"Alphonse" is marotte or music box toy. His accessories are very much influenced by the party hats and noisemakers of the past. The toys from the past are very detailed and for a perfectionist that is wonderful. To purchase "Alphonse" click here.

I have used the next three photographs before; they are the close-ups of the Christmas tree decorated with party hats and noisemakers from last year. There is no better way to show you a fairly broad selection of my collection that definitely has an influence on the ornaments and accessories for the larger pieces that I produce.

Crepe-papier in large ruffles or fringed, foil, and fringed cellophane have been used to decorate hats and noisemakers. If you want to take it farther and make over the top hats and noisemakers that appear vintage but would never have been made because of the cost, check out books on vintage ribbon work and millenary books.

The two cardboard accordions are from Germany and do work.

This is an image of two separate advertisements for the French Line. The first advertisement is from December 1953 and the second one is from October 1950. They haven't changed much in 3 years; life on the ocean liner is one big party.

These four Hallowe'en Decorations are directly influenced by the hats and noisemakers of the past. Click hereto go directly to the web page to purchase these ornaments.

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Jorge de Rojas said...

Len, I have that children's party book! I love it. I can see we share a common point of inspiration. Hats and Horns, bring it on!