Friday, February 26, 2010

I was lulled into a sense of wellness

Leading up to Valentines I was not feeling the best at all. Valentines came and went with a bit of a sigh on this blog it seems. Monday came along and I got to work catching up with various things that needed to be done. Thursday was all right I guess, it's just that I wasn't feeling great but I wasn't sick. Last Friday came along and I managed to get a blog post up and that was about that. For the next 5 or six days I felt terrible.

All is better now. I am working on some new pieces for spring. I'm looking forward to the autumn season and Hallowe'en, I have some fun things planned.

In case you were wondering these images are from two children's readers from the 1920's.

I have received a comment from a fan (I hope) but it is in Asian text so I cannot read it. If that person can resend the comment translated for me I would love to post it.


sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

hope you are feeling better now Len.

thanks for your lovely comments on our new blog, glad you like it, we were going for bigger images and a more minimal feel.

to follow the new blog just add this new address to the blogs you follow on your reading list on your dashboard ...

Len said...

Yes I am thank-you. Am I glad that is all over with.