Sunday, August 8, 2010

The "I'll get around to it if only I knew syndrome"

My sales blog "Happy Holidays - Neat Stuff For Sale" has been up for almost a year now. All of this time I did not have a followers button for people to let them know when new work is listed for sale. Well that is now corrected. I have one new follower!!!! If it wasn't for lenny - I like that name - I wouldn't have known that I did not have a followers button on that blog. Check out his blog - Lenny's Blog - and click his followers button and become a follower of his blog. Make sure you leave a message on his latest blog post and tell him that Lenny from "Happy Holidays" sent you.

Have you noticed how many times that I have mentioned THE FOLLOWERS BUTTON, well, please become a follower on my sales blog also. There is lots of Neat Stuff For Sale. Here is a sample of the wonderful goodies that are up for grabs. Click on each link under the picture to take you directly to the item or go to "Happy Holidays - Neat Stuff For Sale" and scroll down. Either way you will have lots of fun.

Go to my Etsy shop to purchase "King of the Patch".

I love the Man-in-the Moon and here is his rattle "Large Double Sided Portrait Rattle". The first side is called "The Amazing Levitating Lantern" and the other side is called "The Man-in-the-Moon Loves Magic Tricks". This item is currently in my personal collection.

Go to my Etsy shop to purchase "Portrait Rattle - Black Cat's Party Preparations"

"Pansy" is SOLD.

"Alphonse" is a marotte. When you gently shake him his head spins and plays the music box inside. This item is currently in my personal collection.

Have fun browsing the goodies and don't forget to become a follower!

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