Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More about Len.

"Your titles aren't very good, Black Cat."

"Be constructive, Jack, or don't help at all."

"So far, Black Cat, you have been the one doing all of this so called help."

"I don't want to argue, I have a blog post to do."

"Don't get so self important, this isn't your blog and I don't think, Len, will be pleased."

"Jack, remember the other day with the honey and the ice cream..."

"And the bees."

"It all worked out."

"You ran. We're not as fast as you."

"No one got stung. Here is a picture from the other day before the bees."

"That is a terrible picture, Black Cat."

"Be helpful not hurtful."

"You sound like a fortune cookie."

"He won't like this, it looks like a feeding frenzy!"

"The camera moved."

"He looks like he has two faces with a big flappy thing under his chin."

"The camera never lies."

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