Sunday, September 5, 2010

"TRICK OR TREAT STREET" - sneak peek

"Happy Holidays", "RetroRudolph's", and "Sweet B Folk Art" are proud to present...... A POEM to tickle your fancy and entice your curiosity.

Join us for a stroll down TRICK OR TREAT STREET
Who knows who you might chance to meet.
Three lanterns are lit, the doors opened wide
Visit each blog to see what's inside.

A trio of artists offer scary surprises
and plenty of treats, with three days of prizes.
Stay on the third night and watch the moon rise
and you will be eligible for our special GRAND PRIZE!

So mark the date
the fun can't be beat
It's all yours for the taking on TRICK OR TREAT STREET

You've seen my sneak peeks now check out "RetroRudolph's" and "Sweet B Folk Art" to see what wonderous items that they are going to let you have a peek at.


Lenae May said...

Hi Len! Thanks for dropping by! It's always fun to see your little orange guy in my comments! I so enjoy your rich color choices~!
I woke up with a real fun idea this morning after dreaming of antique houses with holes in the roof and rain falling in the living room and dark doesn't have anything to do with what I came up with but it was the last thing on my dream mind before I awoke to this idea...I won't tell ya..I'll show ya but it will take a while. It's a very detailed project. But it is inspired by the impressionist style.
Don't you love a mystery! :)
Lenae ;)

Len said...

I am looking forward to seeing what this dream has caused you to come up with. The chocolate caught my attention. Our oldest son married a Swiss girl and now lives in Switzerland. When we were there visiting them we ate lots of chocolate and it is sooooo good. The only chocolate that we buy now, most of the time, is Lindt 70%. My mouth is watering... what was it you were talking about?

Kathy Dalwood said...

Hi Len, just to say tried to drop you an email at the address you have on the blog and keeps coming back as 'undeliverable' - wondering if you are aware of any problems?