Thursday, October 6, 2011

Catching up

I have a new computer! 

I know that this maybe old news to some of you but I didn't have a graphics program to edit photos and create posters etc.  I now have downloaded GIMP from the internet and I am back in the loop so to speak. I have lots of photos from Hallowe'en and Vine but they have to be fixed up a bit. Hopefully I will be posting fairly regularly again, two months was far too long between posts!

Here are two window displays that were done for Hillside Shopping Centre, one new and one old.

I was asked by the Hillside Shopping centre to create a window promoting breast cancer awareness. They have a shopping centre gift card that is available with $1.00 going to breast cancer research. I wanted it bold, modern, and upbeat. I mixed a range of pinks with three different patterns; polka dots, damask, and stripes, created by the ribbons with a pink polka dot bra.

Better late than never I suppose. I now have a decent camera so I don't have to rely on my son to take nighttime pictures of my window displays that face the outdoors.

I photographed this display the night before dismantled it. The next day I discovered that two bulbs had burned out. That I realized was the reason for the very strong shadows and overall darkness.

The banner hanging in the window says "Summertime... and the living is easy." The inspiration was Marie Antoinette and The Mad Hatter have a party on the patio.

There are references in the display to cocktails on the patio, summer picnics, an outdoor wedding, afternoon tea, birthday parties, and breakfast on the patio.

This close-up shows the picnic and an elaborate birthday cake.

It was great fun making these three over the top topiaries covered in iced pastries each topped off with an exotic cake.

I will have pictures of Hallowe'en and Vine as well as the Autumn window display soon.

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