Friday, October 14, 2011

Hallowe'en and Vine 2011 - Jack Roads

The quality of the work at Hallowe'en and Vine was stellar but Jack Roads is in a class of its own. I talked to him a short bit. I felt like a teeny bopper girl meeting her teenage rock idol! The poor fellow, what are you supposed to say or do with an idiot standing in front of you!

I wasn't going to put in any of the images that were out of focus but I did anyway. Fortunately almost all of the photos came out well.

Enough with the words, the pictures will speak for themselves.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting these Len... it's like I missed 90% to 95% of his work when I zeroed in on what I wanted.
So many great items, by the "Master of Halloween" :)


Jorge de Rojas said...

Im with Lori! Missed most of this, so thanks for sharing.

Len said...

His work is amazing isn't it? I wanted everyone that couldn't make it to the show to see his work.