Monday, May 28, 2012

A very late studio update!

My goodness, it has been over 7 weeks since I last posted on my blog! A while back I mentioned that I was going to be consistent with my blog posts, I suppose I will have to work on that one! I have been busy but there wasn't a whole lot to show you that I thought may be very interesting. I generally work on quite a few pieces at a time so I now have basic sculptures to show you... in my next post!

I want to show what I picked up at Salvation Army a while back, this plastic set of drawers almost full DMC cotton in the most wonderful colours. This is a sample of the colours, there are more in behind the ones that you see in the picture. All of the cotton cost about 50 cents a ball.

I will be adding handmade cording and tassels to anything that stands still, even for a moment! The salesman in the magic shop has handmade cording and a handmade tassel added to his cloth fez. Go to this link to see the finished sculpture.

I made as short piece of cord with wooden bell shaped ends to add a little bit more detail to this figure. Go to my Etsy shop to purchase this sculpture. While you are visiting my Happy Holidays Facebook page have a look around and "like" it if you feel so inclined.

Before I forget, my Happy Holidays website is down. The web server resonsible for suffered hard drive failure. Due to a problem with its backup archive. The data on the hard drive was unfortunately unrecoverable. The backups that were made were also corrupted. Management intends on contacting a third party company to attempt to have the data from the platters recovered, if at all possible. Evidently what may be recovered will be corrupted. We have a backup here but I have been wanting to revamp the site so I suppose now is as good a time as any. It will be a while before it is up and running again.

I had better get back to work. I will be back soon with another post.

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