Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is up! Well, to be honest, it has been up for about 2 weeks. With shopping and everything that happens at this time of year I haven't had the time to photograph it to show you this year's tree.

We decided that this year we would use the big 6.5' feather tree that I made years ago in place of a live tree and put the $30.00 or more towards presents. For the very first time none of our kids will be here for Christmas but that is life and I am still going to decorate!

Click on the images to see the larger version. I suppose everyone knows that by now but I still feel like I should mention it.

I didn't want to use the decorations that we always use on the live tree so I pulled out my collection of noisemakers and party hats. I like a tree to reach to the ceiling and 6.5' is shy of touching it by 1.5'. The tree was plunked into a large white fiberglass urn from my display props and there we go almost 7.5' tall.

My large noisemakers and party hats are hung in front cascading to the floor. Alphonse, the snowman marotte that I made a few years ago, has a place of honour beside an extremely large party hat. All of my tissue paper and vegetal fibre leis drape from the top of the urn adding texture as well as disguising the blanket. 

Here is a close-up of Alphonse and some of the noisemakers.

I used some of the old tinsel roping on the tree to add sparkle.

The smaller of the party hats are on the tree.

I am rather fond of this cowboy party hat, it was a gift from a friend.

The red rope is 1940's cellophane garlanding. The rich deep red of the cellophane looks amazing against the green tree. Hanging on one of the branches you can see one of the many wooden ratchets that I own.

Anything can be used to decorate a tree. When tinsel and Christmas tree lights are added for some reason it looks like Christmas!

I have collected silver metal baskets from the 1960's and put all of the smaller items in them.

A look at the back of the tree and the disco balls that are hanging from the ceiling.

Last, but not least, is the tree topper. It definitely is not the star of Bethlehem! Those big nose eyeglasses are from the 1950's.

The Japanese paper Santa lantern I bought in China town about 15 years ago for $3.00.  The store called "The Orient", a Victoria landmark, was going out of business and all of the old stock was for sale. I wish that I had bought the lot. Last year I saw a smaller version of this lantern for sale for $60.00!

I'll show you the mantle next post, more party hats and noisemakers.


magikalseasons said...

Love your tree! Merry Christmas!

Len said...

Thank-you so much, Merry Christmas!