Tuesday, May 14, 2013

more thrift shop goodies

Several days ago I photographed a bunch of Sally Ann treasures that I had picked up over time. I had quite a few images so I decided break the images into three groups. This is the second group of goodies. These three blog posts are by no means showing all of the stuff I have gathered but some of the items that are nudging my creative juices at the moment.

You no doubt have seen from previous posts seen that I like brassy golden metals with some patina on them. I picked up the three tiered picture frame about a month ago and then immediately set to taking it apart. Each frame is about 3" high with convex glass. Most likely I won't be using the glass. I kept the fabric covered cardboard for possible use later.

I love the vintage Italian picture frames and buy them whenever I find them unless they are overpriced that is. There were three 5 1/2" picture frames at Saint Vincent de Paul last week They were asking $8.00 each for them, I declined telling them that I buy them for half that price elsewhere. The cashier said that they go online to see what they are selling for and then price them. I am sure that someone bought them for their inflated price.

The large necklace/bracelet thingy I am going to take apart. It is made from small hemispheres of metal. I thought that I could sew them on to a background cloth with a seed bead in the centre to hold the metal piece on to the cloth. They will also work for visual texture if I decide to make an elaborate bead tassel.

The three rings are perfect for a small figure performing "The Chinese Linking Rings". The magician shows 5 or 8 single rings that link and unlink at the magician's will. This figure will perform with 3 rings!

The tiny pen knife is about 1 1/8" long. I have had it for quite a while and have not used it; there will be the perfect sculpture to use it with one day.

The bracelet was in the preceding picture but this is a much better look at it. The colour is perfect for a watch chain or to use for a necklace, belt or turban accent on an Oriental figure. The chain drapes beautifully.

The tiny broom is not for use with a figure but as an instruction guide on how to make a small broom of this style. It was bought many years ago and I have never seen another.

The bracelet was bought several months ago and has some wonderful exotic "Jewels" for an Oriental maiden or magician's assistant. Hmmmm... more brassy gold, I do love that colour.

I bought the vintage striped silk scarf last week, it is perfect for Hallowe'en costumes.

These two wood picture frames were bought last year. I don't buy wooden picture frames too often because the scale and detail just don't look right. These two frames I thought would be good for snowmen portraits. I love doing 3D portraits with the figure popping out of the frame towards the viewer. When I was photographing these the other day I noticed that there is gold paint under the creme paint. I may just leave them in the slightly battered condition, we shall see.

I am getting more images ready for my Etsy shop and should have them up next week.

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