Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday street sale, Sidney thrift shops, plus one.

I have been working in the studio. I'll show you some progress on a few of the items in my next post.

A week ago last Saturday morning our son phoned to tell me that they were going to a street sale and to meet them there if I liked.

I liked!

I went!

There was not a lot of interesting stuff to consider buying. I did buy this 4 foot length of 8 inch bullion fringe and this long length of cording; all for $3. The only other item that I bought was a silver teaspoon and that is pictured in the next photograph.

The last garage sale had 2 vendors with some great stuff but unless I can use it or it is something that is an absolute must have I have trained myself to say, "Someone else can have it." Mind you if I can talk the person down I will buy the item/s. The prices were firm and they were reasonable so I saved myself some money.

Here is the silver spoon that I bought at the street sale for a whopping 20 cents!

I had planned on going out to Sidney that day, there is usually some great stuff at reasonable prices out there in the thrift shops. I wasn't disappointed. This set of 3 brass pots will come in handy, possibly for the flying carpet. The rosewood pot stand I am thinking of turning into a cushioned platform for a variation on the levitating lady illusion.

These 2 brass candle sticks were $1.00 each and unlike most brass candle sicks are very light so a figure can hold it without the arm drooping from the weight. I do like the shapes of them as well.

The brass and wood candle snuffer comes apart so the size will work for a figure putting out a candle.

The brass frame looks like a large watch. The embroidery was in the frame it may be used to upholster something or it may be donated back to Salvation Army, we'll see.

If I come across the candle wreaths that were popular about 10 years ago I sometimes buy them, rip them apart and use them for accents in bouquets, as "cake" decorations or anything else that I think of.

This embossed metal plaque is about 11" across. I liked the bold design and figured that It would make an interesting 3D portrait frame

The ceramic tile came out fairly easy. I have been thinking of having a table top jutting out with something on it... we shall see.

I have been looking for some "diamonds" to use in a mobile for our new Swiss grandson. The few that I found were not that nice or were very heavy. I was in the St. Vincent de Paul in Sidney and happened to see this bejewelled black bra and started to laugh, I wasn't expecting to find a diamond encrusted brassiere! It cost me a whopping 50 cents.

Another second hand shop had a few vintage magic tricks. This particular one was complete and in good shape so I bought it. I can now change a stack of nickels into a stack of dimes!

Some more goodies that I have purchased in the last little while. The playing cards are some of the smallest that I have seen at around 1 1/2" high. Those "Chinese coins" are small enough to use with an oriental figure. More jewelry to take apart and use as belts, sashes, or necklaces. The ceramic bowl is from the base of a vintage glass plant from China. I will be using the glass leaves and glass flower petals at some point when I get enough to create a lampshade for our home.

There we go, more goodies to work with. I have been working in the studio not just buying stuff. I'll give you a behind the scenes look in my next post.

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