Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From my reference library - Dennison books, "How to Decorate Halls, Booths, and Automobiles".

We have had our daughter Melissa, son-in-law Jon, Ethan, their three year old boy, and four month old Benedict, Benny for short, visiting us from Toronto for the last three weeks. It has been wonderful having them with us. I have not done a thing in the studio for about two months now. Getting the house ready for guests and then visiting has taken up all of our time. It has been, wonderful.

In the next little while I hope to have some posts about work that is in progress but until then here are more books from my reference library. When I did the post about the book "Holidays on Display" I did not realize that display men did the crepe paper floats and hall displays. I have three Dennison books from the 1920s with directions for creating these extravagant displays.

This book is dated 1923. I would love to have seen the finished halls, booths and floats; the rich colours would be quite magical.

The only colour in the book is on the back and front covers.

This book is dated 1927 on the inside. I wonder if the final product ever matched the artists rendition of the finished event, I hope that it did

This is the back cover of the book. The amount of work that went into these tables was amazing.

This book is dated 1927 and is identical to the book above but with a much less impressive cover.

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