Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentines Day book, "Un Petit Livre D'amour"

OKAY... I REALIZE THAY VALENTINE'S DAY WAS ALMOST A WEEK AGO... this post was supposed to go up last Sunday just extend the day so that it was "Valentine's Weekend". Little did I know that I would not be able to get onto the internet until yesterday. I will not go into the details as it will make me look as uninformed about downloading the newest edition of Safari as I really am.

I debated about posting this but here goes anyway. Enjoy this last Valentine's Day post that is one week overdue.

This little book has been scanned to size so that you can see how small it is, just the right size to place in a pocket, purse, or to hold tucked in your hand.

Unlike the last book that I showed you this book has been hand bound using handmade paper, some of the pages have a clean cut edge while others have the deckle edge of the handmade paper.

There is no date on the book but the design is Art Nouveau putting it at the turn of the last century or possibly a little earlier. If anyone has any information about the book let me know.

This is from a series books; the title, "Les Petit Livres D'or"  translates as, "Little Books of Gold".

The title of the book, "Un Petit Livre D'amour" translates as, "A Little Book of Love".

I am doing a literal translation here, so anyone that speaks French please correct me if I am wrong.

The colour  image of the woman on the front of the book has been hand glued in place.

The rest of the colour images have been hand glued to the inside edge of existing pages.

The lines on the paper are from the frame that the paper pulp was hand moulded in.

You can see that the edges of the paper and the deckle edge don't match up perfectly; this is a handmade book with a quaint quality to it.

Unlike the book, "Friendships Token", the paper has not yellowed and gone brittle; the paper for this book is made from rag pulp. Paper made from wood pulp is broken down with acid. The acid causes the yellowing and disintegration of the paper.

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