Friday, March 6, 2015

I realize that Spring is almost here...

 but here is an update on "The Winter Party".

My apologies for not posting on my blog sooner, a few things popped up with my computer that were finally fixed and then I got sick. All of that is behind me, so onward!

There are a few pieces in my studio that seem to take longer to finish than other pieces, "The Winter Party" is one of them. I do not mind this snails pace that some of the pieces take on. Did you notice how I blamed the sculpture for the slowness, my wife would notice what I had said and then point it out to me; deservedly so!

In my blog post from January 20 of this year I posted the image above...

and finished with this image of what had been accomplished so far. There was, surprisingly, a lot of work involved in that small area.

I had to add a back to the top section as you will see in the next photograph, build up the back opening behind the small forest scene at the bottom, cover the entire area with a layer of composition, add mounds of snow, let the whole thing dry, and then give it an initial coat of white paint to see how things were progressing.

Four times the number of icicles than I had initially anticipated had to be made. Each icicle is a length of wire wrapped in cotton batting and rubbed with glue. Once they were dry the icicles of different lengths were sorted into possible groups, holes drilled into the composition covered wood, and then the wire end of the icicle glued into the hole.

After the icicles had dried in place I began to build up the base of the icicles with composition, this was done in about three to four stages using a small palette knife, each time fattening the base of the icicles making them look like they grown in place from dripping water, not just been plonked there as a decorative element. I do tend to get obsessive with how they, or any other item in my sculptures should look.

Here is it is so far. I did not like how the snow was "politely" covering the ground so I added more composition along the front of the ledge as though the snow was slowly creeping over the edge eventually to create more icicles or fall off in chunks to the floor only to be replaced by more snow and icicles.

The cake stand filled to over-flowing with cakes, cookies, candy, and sugared grapes was slowly assembled; the base first being nailed in place, then the cakes, cookies, and sugared grapes were glued in place on the bottom tier with the "candy rocks" finally glued in place . The top tier was then glued in place, let dry and then filled with the goodies. Sitting there on the snow it looks deceptively simple but that little abundance of sugary delight took quite a while to accomplish.

Looking down at the cake stand you can see the detail of the confections to be had at the party. I was just going to write that I am particularly pleased with the bunches of sugared grapes that I created but then I saw the small cakes... I love detail, I can't help it, I love getting lost in my work.

Now to get to work on the Snowman and the Snowgirl, add in some berried bushes, possibly add some balloons or paper lanterns or both, create garlanding; see you later.

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