Friday, January 22, 2016

Christmas decorations for 2015 - part 3.

Hi again, this is the third and final part of the decorations that I did for Christmas 2015.

This is the cast iron urn at the entrance to our home. Energy efficient lights are great but I end up using more of them in order to get enough light so that people can find there way to the front door and not trip.

As soon as enter our front door this display of gold frames, ranunculus, and evergreens are there to greet you, I am very pleased with how it turned out.

I pick up old gold picture frames for display, there is a certain look to them that is very appealing and I don't mind if they are damaged. The damage may or may not be hidden, it depends on what is happening in the display.

The two small frames along with another larger and more ornate frame were used in this display at Hillside Shopping Centre.

Three vintage Christmas aprons are on the wall to the entrance to the kitchen.

This year's photo booth for the party is pastries, ice cream, and sugared fruit. The pink and white striped fabric is an old seer-sucker table cloth. I have used it many times, it reminds me of cakes, pastries, and candy, I love it.

The night of the party the door is taken off of its hinges so that people can come and go easily.

Just as you come into the living room from the hall is the live tree; I don't know if people see it at all because there is so much to look at.

The tree is decorated with vintage and handmade decorations. Our live tree has been decorated like this every year since we were married. New decorations have been added as we bought them and some have been given to our kids for their trees.

The lanterns and garlands go up adding the finishing touch to the decorating. My motto is, "To much is never enough." The decorating becomes an Aladdin's Cave of Delights, overwhelming with treasures to be found if you look. It is very much a sensory delight.

I love this Japanese Santa lantern, what am I saying, there are quite a few of the lanterns that are my favourites!

The metal serving tray on the ledge belonged to some friends that had donated it to St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop where I purchased it; they didn't think that I would be interested but I am glad to have been able to purchase it.

I have used the bead spikes once on the mantle in this rather spartan display, spartan at least for me. We had just arrived back in Victoria from our daughters wedding on December 12, usually I just jam them into this green glass vase.

Sitting on top of an old wall cupboard are a couple of Japanese cardboard churches, a bristle brush tree, and a swag of foil holly leaves with plastic evergreens.

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Sheryl Parsons said...

You really go all out don't you?! It's obvious you love what you do. Fantastic!