Friday, July 24, 2009

A Little Tour of My Brain, Part 2 - Pumpkins, Squash, Gourds, and Vegetables.

The plain old orange globe of a pumpkin is beautiful, but have you looked at all of the other gourds and squash? If we had a large area in our yard I would grow lots of gourds, squash and pumpkins. They are so beautiful. The colours and shapes are so varied. I do take liberties when I paint them, so don't expect an exact representation of a hubbard or pattypan squash. All of the close-up photographs were taken at Dan's Farm and Country Market on Oldfield Road.

This French pumpkin called Rouge Vif D'etampes has a beautiful red orange outer skin. They look like a large pouf that you can put your feet up on to for a good rest. One of the candy container ornaments is based on this beautiful pumpkin.

I have no idea the name of these squash but the shapes and colours are so interesting.

More unknown squash. The stem on this squash is thick and has an interesting texture.

Ornamental gourds come in a myriad of wonderful shapes, sizes, and colours. I made the mistake of cooking a gourd one time. It was disgusting. It was a volunteer in our garden and I thought that it was squash. One of the warty gourds influenced the design of another of the candy container ornaments.

These last three photos were taken at the Metchosin Days fall fair. Another of the candy container ornaments is based on a pattypan squash. He is delightful.

It is held every year on the first Sunday after Labour Day in the District of Metchosin. This is the one fall fair that we go to every year. The midway consists of a tractor that pulls a very large trailer filled with bales of hay to sit on. There are two tractors that alternate on the route around the perimeter of the fair grounds. They are always filled. There is also a backhoe for the kids to use. The smaller children have an adult to help them but the larger kids use it themselves. They dig the soil out of one hole and deposit it into another hole beside the original hole. This is real life fun! The volunteer fire department has fire-fighting clothes for the kids to put on and they then do a very short obstacle course ending with them shooting water out of the fire hose.

Rainbow carrots, Rainbow chard, huge scallions and heirloom tomatoes, what could be tastier?

I am finishing the last four candy container ornaments and then I will photograph the lot. I am very pleased with them.

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