Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little Tour of My Brain, Part 3 - Ballenburg Merry-go-Round

We are in the midst of a heat wave. British Columbia is setting records evidently and it certainly feels like it. All of the of the candy container ornaments are finished and have been photographed. I am in the midst of choosing the best images and cropping them. I will have them up in the next few days. In the mean time, on with the tour of my brain.

This merry-go-round is at the Swiss outdoor Museum - Ballenburg. I couldn't resist taken pictures of the hand-carved animals. Enjoy yourself today. I hope it isn't too hot where you are or at least that you are used to it.

Let's start at this lovely rooster and then on to the next animal in front all the way around until we get back to the beginning. I think that the animal in behind is a goat. The hand-painted panels in the centre that hide the engine show events in the life of William Tell.

Two deer.

A bench flanked by two horses.

The backside of the bench.

Two of a set of four beautiful white chargers with colourful detailing.

The other two horses with a glimpse of the chariot.

This beautiful sky blue chariot seats four people.

Two brown horses with the same colourful detailing as the white horses pull the chariot off to conquer the invading brigands.

I love the zebra.

I have a feeling that the merry-go round operator is very used to people taking pictures of the ride and not him! The elephant is charming. I'm not sure what the images depict that are painted on the sides of the elephant.

The camel family is next in line.

A wonderful roaring lion and a snarling tiger chase after the occupants of the next set of seats.

These seats are, I think, a sort of hot air balloon or some sort of... I honestly don't have any idea as to what this is supposed to be.

Two black chargers with the same beautiful painted detailing as the white and brown horses. It is interesting how the background colours affect the overall look of the brightly painted detailing.

A green chariot this time being pulled by a set of white chargers. This is the rear end and the front half is shown in the rooster picture, sorry about that.

Here are the two white chargers that pull the green chariot.

All of the designs on the overhead draperies and the draperies above the central panels are done in beadwork. The fringe is also done in beads. They are amazing to look at. The beadwork uses large beads and the execution is not perfect, but who does bead embroidery for a merry-go-round! I was impressed to say the least.

I am not certain if the pictures that are on the rounding boards depict episodes in the life of William Tell or just scenes of Switzerland. Most likely it has to do with William Tell. The top of the merry-go-round has the apple with the arrow through it.

And so to sleep. On the way back to the car we passed the merry-go-round with its canvas cover pulled down. The canvas is truly a beautiful piece of textile. They would make great curtains.

Here is a little teaser, a close-up of a candy container ornament. When I am finished getting the photographs ready I will post them.

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