Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Little Tour of My Brain, Part 6 - Humour

Wow! I have had some very positive response from new friends in cyberland. Thank-you very much for the very encouraging words, you have no idea how much I appreciate the comments.

I wanted to show you how important humour is in my life and couldn't think of how to put the point across. I remembered a book that I own called "Jane Asher's Costume Book". All of the pictures in this posting are from that book. It was first published in England under the title "Jane Asher's Fancy Dress" by Pelham Books Ltd. in 1983. The copy I have was published by Open Chain Publishing Inc. in 1991. The book is well worth hunting for. The directions are easy to follow. It is a great springboard for ideas.

Jane Asher is a British actress and all of the models are British actors and actresses. The fellow modeling the "Lady Jumping Out of a Cake" is Terry Jones.
Gemma Craven models this bird costume. Her costume is the "Swallow".

Frazer Hines is the "Grouse". Have you noticed there is a passion for bad puns as an offshoot for ideas? Are there any good puns? Yes there are, the ones that you make yourself. Be strong and stand your ground.

Vernon Smythe models the "Mature Butterfly".

Jane Ashers brother-in-law is "Florence Nightingale-The Lady of the Lamp".

Martin Shaw is dressed as a "Sandwich". The following photos are a variation on the basic costume. Prepare yourself - BAD PUNS AHEAD.

The first one is an "Open Sandwich". Wear a big cheesy grin and you have a "Cheese Sandwich".

 A "Chicken" sandwich, did you guess it?

This next Costume is a "Sandwich Spread". Oh my, it doesn't stop.

Think actor and you know that this sandwich is "Ham". A "Club Sandwich" and a "Toasted Sandwich" round out this selection of costumes magnificently portrayed by Martin Shaw.

There are a series of zodiac costumes this one is "Aries". It isn't that comical but I like the costume. Alan Price is the actor wearing the costume.

I had to include this costume. Joanna Lumley models "Knickerbocker Glory". A Knickerbocker Glory is a British sundae. This costume is mainly made from paper plates and toilet paper!

You may not recognize any of the actors and actresses that was 25 years ago and in Britain. I wanted to include their names because they were a major part of the book presentation.

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