Monday, August 3, 2009

The New Hallowe'en Candy Container Ornaments Are Finished.

I didn't get the candy container ornaments posted yesterday did I? We went to the hospital again to visit Mum and the baby. Our lawn mower died so we went shopping for a new lawn mower after leaving the hospital. One thing after another seemed to get in the way.

Well, it has taken a while to cast, clean up, paint and accessorize the candy container ornaments but they are finally done. I am more than pleased with them if I may say so myself.

But now (a brief pause)

I can say (another brief pause to build the anticipation and eventual joy)

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, please welcome the new, the wonderful, the marvelous - "HALLOWE'EN CANDY CONTAINER ORNAMENTS!"

I think this might be one of my favourites, Timothy, a pattypan squash, has a squirting flower. SOLD

Johnny and I were talking about unfortunate costume choices and he recounted the time he decided to go as an apple on the end of a string, that old game that no one seems to know the name of. He couldn't go anywhere. He hung there feeling somewhat nervous that he may become part of the games. He holds a working rattle.

Pierre, a Rouge Vif D'etampes pumpkin, came to the "J-O-L-ity Fair Costume Ball" dressed as a Persian scribe.

We have fireworks at Hallowe'en in Victoria, unfortunately firecrackers were banned years ago. They were dangerous but so much fun. This is a string of handmade firecrackers (fake!) that are tied together exactly the way the real firecrackers are tied together. AVAILABLE

Morty has his rattle ready to wake up his fellow mushrooms. SOLD

All ready to get that bag filled with treats. SOLD

Black Cat carries a wonderful rattle that he won at the J-0-L-ity Fair. SOLD

Harv, as he is known to his friends and Harvest Moon on formal invitations, has an armload of fireworks gathered on his travels around the world. AVAILABLE

Whooly is just about ready to go out and trick or treat. SOLD

This little acorn guy has his parade lantern ready to light the way for his fellow treat gatherers. SOLD

"Caws-mo" has decided to wear a fake mustache so that no one will recognize him. He had to have some help to tie it on. He also decorated his hat with a blackberry, a piece of fern and some fleece that he found in the field. SOLD

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Jorge de Rojas said...

Oh my goodness! what wonderful creations! of course I'm a new follower. Keep up the good work