Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Canada and my ebay listings

Thanksgiving arrives in Canada on October 12th. Over a week ago I did this display in the cast iron urn by the front door. When I wrote about squash, gourds and pumpkins I had said that if I had room that I would grow all kinds of them. This small bounty of gourds and one small flat Chinese pumpkin were all volunteers from the compost. I had tossed out some old dried gourds that were quite a few years old and was so surprised when various vines started to appear in the compost and around the garden.

This year I decided to use two very old spades that belonged to my grandfather and a lantern to create a garden vignette. The handgrip and handle for each spade is carved from one piece of wood. The lantern was in my parent’s basement and I have no idea who it belonged to or where it came from. Vintage garden tools are so beautiful. They speak of the everyday life of ordinary families. Tucked in amongst the gourds to give a bit of height and added interest are old flowerpots. I chose ones that had interesting moss and chips on them. There are also broken pots in there as well. I wanted the whole display to look like it could have been a vignette from an afternoon's work in the garden.

I did a large Thanksgiving display in the hall entrance last Tuesday. After Thanksgiving it will be turned into a Hallowe'en display. We live on a busy road and at the end of a 200 foot driveway on a panhandle lot so there are no trick or treaters that come to the door. I do miss that part but I decorate inside the house for friends to see and for me.

My next blog entry will be a step by step of how I put it together. I hope that it will inspire you. I used to do display work and love it. I have also given workshops on merchandise presentation and display so if anyone wants me to give a workshop just send me a note.

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Chicken Lips said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Len. Your work is fantastic!!!!