Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Little Tour of My Brain, Part 15 - St. Patrick's Day - assorted items


This post is an assortment of old and new Saint Patrick's Day items. I was given this flag by a young guy in Ireland as a souvenir of my visit to Ireland many years ago. The family that I stayed with was quite poor but I was welcomed into their home. The Irish are a wonderfully friendly people. Visit Ireland sometime.

These six die-cuts were made in Germany and are from around the 1920's.

A chenille shamrock Saint Patrick's Day pin with its backing card. It is about 3 1/2" x 4" and was made in Japan.

This child's card stands about 7 1/2" high, AND IT'S FLOCKED, can there be anything better?

The price for this packet of Dennison St. Patrick's Day seals was only 19 cents.

These two home made party place-cards were made using the Dennison seals illustrated above.

A vintage souvenir plaque from Ireland. It is paper bonded onto thin plywood and cut out.

This leprechaun is a Dennison party decoration.

There are 6 leprechaun face paper plates in this unopened cellophane wrapped set.

This St. Patrick's Day gift is a poem printed and bound in book form. There are five pages to the poem. The poem is only printed on the right hand page. The left side is left blank. On the inside it is inscribed –
Copyright 1913
P.F. Volland and Co.
Chicago, U.S.A.

All Irish chocolates come in a box exactly like this! The hat is cut out and applied to a rectangular box underneath.

This celluloid covered metal pin back pin would be worn so that all can see you are Irish (no matter where you were born!).

I have worn this vintage tie in public on Saint Patrick's Day! I like it better than most of the "Irish" ties that I have seen. I do have a skinny green 1960's tie with two tiny shamrocks very tastefully placed on the tie. I guess I'm not much for good taste.

This is a souvenir hankie from the early part of the 20th century. It came from someone in my family tree. I have no idea if it was from my dad's or mum's side but I have always liked the colours used in the printing. It appears to have been printed with a process called chromolithography I'm not certain though. If anyone knows if they did this printing process on fabric let me know.

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Top O' the morning Len! What fun vintage St, Patty's Day finds.