Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Little Tour of My Brain, Part 16 – Easter Postcards with Farm Yard Images

Easter is on the way and to start things off I have some antique postcards featuring farm animals. They are arranged from the least Eastery, such a delightful non dictionary word, to colours and styles that we consider more Eastery.

At the top of this postcard in very pale gold lettering are the words Easter Greetings. This postcard was sent to "Chas. H. Pugh, 100 Price Ave., Columbus, Ohio." On the back Charles has written "Apr. 9 - 1909 From my Sweet Hart Goldie".

The back of this card says -
Dear Friend:- Please except this Easter card. Go careful on the egg question. How are you keeping Willie? I am fine. We are having lovely weather. Had a blizzard yesterday. Write me when you get time. Bye Bye From Willie Gray
To Master William Harvey, R.R. #3, West Monkton Ontario

These cards give us a glimpse into an era where farm livestock was a matter of everyday experience for the greater part of the population.

The postcards picturing farm animals are beginning to look a little more like an Easter image that we are familiar with. Gentian and forget-me-not are in the upper right corner of the postcard.

Baby chicks inside an egg shaped frame, pale blue flowers, and a greeting in King James English, "May thine be a happy Easter", very proper indeed.

This postcard and one previous are part of a series. The flowers in the corner of this postcard are pheasant eye narcissus.

Birthdays fall on everyday of the year. The words written on the back of this card to Miss Augusta Lambert of Logan, Ohio say, “Wish you a Happy Birthday, Mrs Fred Stracke”.

Violets, pussy-willow, and little birds with a metallic silver cross create an interesting colour combination.

A farmyard vignette, a bouquet of violets held in place with a shirred yellow ribbon and an Arts and Crafts design in the background create a very elegant postcard.

The rabbits and chicks in this postcard appear somewhat awkward, as if one of them had said something that was not politically correct.

Three little chicks out for an early Easter morning stroll.

Bunnies, chicks, a basket, coloured egg shells, and snowdrops; it's beginning to look a lot like Easter.

A violet background and coloured egg shells transform an ordinary farmyard image into an Easter vignette.

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