Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The weather outside is frightful...

Oh my what we have to put up with in Victoria. There are drifts everywhere.

We were on our way down to Starbucks braving our way through the flurries.

I am gloating aren't I. This year has been so unseasonably warm but that means on the West Coast that Spring has arrived several weeks earlier than usual.

The trees are in bloom. Some have already finished while other blossoms are just coming out. The leaves are filling out on the branches. This house is opposite Beacon Hill Park but what first caught my eye was this amazingly intricate wire fence.

Daffodils are everywhere and the tulips are coming out. Snowdrops and crocus are a memory for now until next year.

This house looks like it could be on an old road somewhere but it is sandwiched between two apartment buildings. It is not a manicured yard but there is something very endearing about it. It feels comfortable.

This last picture is of an Art Deco apartment block close to the park. There are so many old buildings in Victoria that I tend to take it for granted. I hope that some of you will be able to visit Victoria sometime.

I took all of these pictures yesterday on our ramble through Beacon Hill Park and the streets close by. We came into town and picked up our granddaughter for a stroll to the petting zoo, through the park and on to Starbucks. Have a great day.

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